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The Real Time Value Network’s proprietary integrated business planning and optimized execution technologies allow you to pre-plan and execute when changes occur throughout the supply chain. The concept is simple – as the logistics solution senses change – for example an order commitment changes – it responds with an updated transportation plan or executes the appropriate transaction. A single connection to the Real Time Value Network can align you with the more than 30,000+ companies already on board your partners and carriers included.

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Our goal is to help every one of our customers become leaders within their specific industry in their marketplace. Though every business may have a vision, it takes an experienced logistics service to help carry out that vision. Our full service fulfillment warehouse and distribution is custom-tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Further, our commitment to 24-hour service and flexibility helps us get the job done, no matter what. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and let Network 1 Management become a valuable part of your success.

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Carrier networks are defined as a network, or series of networks, providing connectivity to carriers, customers and or other entities on a large scale. Communications service providers utilize these networks to distribute very large amounts information over long distances, providing the communication necessary to support networks and all other communications. Commonly referred to as the ‘backbone’, these networks transmit and distribute a large portion of all the communications taking place around the globe.

Network 1 is a cutting edge company that has years of experience in the industry. If you have a small fleet of trucks, and would like the same benefits of a large company you may qualify for a great program we offer. We network small fleets together as one large fleet. This allows higher rates, large customer contracts, dispatch systems, fuel card programs and many discounts available to large fleets that may not be available to small fleets. When we network together, we do all the billing, collections, safety, fuel taxes, and pay our fleet agents weekly so the fleet agents can spend their time completely focused on their fleet and the revenue associated with their fleet. We also offer growth programs that will allow you to maximize your revenue and fleet size potential.

Rapid Growth
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Network 1 is 100% committed to freight agents. If you are currently a freight Agent with a large or small customer base and are looking for a new company to network with, we may have what you’re looking for. Our company is made up of fleet agents and freight agents that operate in all 48 states. We are a company with several years experience in the industry. Network 1 provides all the back office services needed for an Agent to focus on revenue. We provide the necessary insurance, billing, collections, credit approvals, safety, sales assistance, systems, contract review, and financial growth support. Network 1 also offers a fleet of trucks for new customer start up relations and the support when a Third Party carrier may not be able to deliver the service required by your customers.

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