​Most small carriers are limited to talent within their dispatch department. The big reason is they can’t afford to pay $65,000 to $100,000 per year to have a top negotiator with a lot of contacts and several years’ experience working in the office 10 hours per day 5 to 7 days per week focusing on not only tomorrow but next month as well. A lot of these carriers have an ex driver trying to dispatch. The driver/dispatcher understands trucks and freight real well but they don’t understand who pays, who don’t, who is a high risk, who is not, where the better freight is, where to stay away from, etc. etc. etc…

In a lot of cases, the person dispatching  is  also  running  a

load, fixing a truck in the back shop, working on some safety

files, and calling asking people to please pay their bill, they

then need to stop all of that and do  payroll.  They  end  up

dispatching when they find time and they  sure  don’t  have

several extra hours to negotiate the best rates.


It is not possible for them to be an expert in load revenue negotiations and understand where to send the truck. This process has to be studied every day and all day. We have a team that only focuses on load negotiation and dispatch.  Our team is experienced professionals/experts​